About These Textbooks

cropped-smaller_nocompanynameLogo847387111.jpgFree  college level textbooks with Creative Commons Licenses.  Royalty-free.  Low-Cost Print.  

These college-level textbooks are currently or were recently used in U.S. colleges and universities.  

  • These are university-quality textbooks:
    • Most contain exercises, discussion questions, problem sets.
    • Most have appendices, supplemental materials and bibliographies.
    • Academically reviewed and tested in the classrooms.
  • PDF versions are free.  Registration is not required for downloading.
  • Some texts (marked with a dark triangle (►)in the title) have print versions available, reprinted by Textbook Equity under the terms of their Creative Commons (e.g. CC-BY) license.
  • Prices for print versions range from U.S. $19.95 to $59.95 (average = $39.00) plus standard tax and shipping charged by the printers — Createspace.com, Amazon.com, or Lulu.com.  In most cases the books are printed in grayscale to keep the prices manageable.
  • Other texts, marked with a § in their title, include links to the author’s printed versions.
  • If you own the copyright to a textbook and wish to convert it to an open license write editors at textbookequity dot org.

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