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Cross-Mapping the Syllabus to the Textbook

Students no longer need to purchase massive textbooks, 60-80 percent of which they will never use.

Textbook Equity will help you find the resources you need to match your course content requirements and put them in the format you need.

  1. Once you have your course syllabi completed we will cross match your topics to our open resources.  See the Rutger’s Biology 101 and 102 syllabi as an example.
  2. We send you the cross-mapping data sheet listing your topics, the relevant sections in the open textbook(s), any topics not represented, and the links to the textbooks with prices so you may evaluate the details.
  3. You then decide if the open textbooks are adequate “as is” or request a customization of the textbook by adding more open resources or your own material.
  4. If customizations are not required, you place an order on our e-store, order directly from us with a purchase order, or order from the distributor. We then negotiate a suitable quantity and price.
  5. If customizations are required, we will negotiate a minimum quantity to be purchased, licensing requirements, and price.  Textbook Equity will create the new textbook, obtain the ISBN number if needed, and publish as requested.

Other Services

Textbook Equity also offers a variety customization services to develop and publish course content:

  • Publish your textbook as an open licensed resource.  (Royalty sharing available.)
  • Cross-map course syllabi with textbook contents.
  • Customize. Add or remove chapters or sections, providing a PDF and print version for specific classes.
  • Prefer print in Color? Provide color format of current volume, which costs about three times more.
  • Coordinate professional peer reviews

There is no reason your students need to pay hundreds of dollars when quality content is ubiquitous.

Services are provided on a royalty sharing basis.  A sufficient number of textbooks purchased are required.

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