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“College Biology” Volume 1 of 3 “The Chemistry of Life” through “Genomic Proteomics”

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Contents Volume 1

Unit 1. The Chemistry of Life

Chapter 1: The Study of Life
Chapter 2: The Chemical Foundation of Life
Chapter 3: Biological Macromolecules

Unit 2. The Cell

Chapter 4: Cell Structure
Chapter 5: Structure and Function of Plasma Membranes
Chapter 6: Metabolism
Chapter 7: Cellular Respiration
Chapter 8: Photosynthesis
Chapter 9: Cell Communication
Chapter 10: Cell Reproduction

Unit 3. Genetics

Chapter 11: Meiosis and Sexual Reproduction
Chapter 12: Mendel’s Experiments and Heredity
Chapter 13: Modern Understandings of Inheritance
Chapter 14: DNA Structure and Function
Chapter 15: Genes and Proteins
Chapter 16: Gene Expression
Chapter 17: Biotechnology and Genomics

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  • Honestly, you know the benefits of having a ” hard copy.”



Features of All Volumes

  • Chapter summaries.
  • Review questions.
  • Critical thinking questions.
  • Answer keys.
  • Key terms by chapter.
  • Embedded supplemental learning links.
  • Attributions, credits, and textbook provenance.



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