Radical Civil Obedience Day minus 1524 – Driving Habits

Countdown to January 20, 2021 – Day minus 1,524 days until a new President takes office. What can I do until then? Answer: Become a better citizen by living the values I want to see in all elected and appointed officials. Following the format of Gene Sharp, Nobel Prize nominee and author of “The Politics of Nonviolent Action” and “From Dictatorship to Democracy” I am compiling a list of things I can do improve my integrity as a citizen, while preserving the integrity of our form of government. I call this form of protest “Radical Civil Obedience.” (Note: This does not exclude civil disobedience when necessary. [did I just get on the FBI’s watch list?]) Here’s the first thing that came to mind: Driving habits: As a form of protest against bullying and intimidation, against rushing to push others out of the way to get my way, and because I agreed to follow traffic laws when I accepted my driver’s license, I will drive the speed limit on all roads, be non-aggressive, and courteous. (I drive that way now, unless I am in a hurry, bored, or impatient.) Imagine if half of all drivers would do that, we would be sending a clear message to the world that we do not want aggressive, bullying. self-seeking political leaders. Behave the way you want them to behave. Tomorrow: Get your news from printed sources.